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You know the drill. How is my Doc, is he good, is he bad? Feel free to crit me! Criticisms are always welcome as long as they are constructive. No flaming please! Comments are screened by default, anon is on and IP login is off.

You can also use this to contact me. Otherwise, you can find me on Plurk at [ profile] esthar_president or on AIM at estharpresident.
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Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown
Inventor, Scientist and Physicist
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Name: Emmett Brown
Series: Back to the Future (OU)
Age: Between 70 and 80
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Between the end of the 3th movie and the start of the Video Game

Background Link: Emmett Brown – Back to the Future Wiki

Abilities and Personality )
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Trunk Possession
- Western-era clothing
- Futuristic "tourist" clothing
- Mini Futuristic Camera
- A Picture (Doc & Marty in Western area)
- Riffle (improved)
- Einstein (Dog)
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[OOC Permissions]
Backtagging: Always welcome!
Threadjacking: Should be okay! Depends of the thread, if it's not obviously okay, contact me first!
Fourthwalling: Ask me first please! Otherwise, nope.
Offensive Subjects: Sure, but depending on the topic Doc's reaction may not be good.
Handwaving / Fade to Black: While I'd rather play out things, sometime we have no choice so if needed, yes.

[IC Permissions]
Hugging him: Sure, why not. Awkwardness shall ensure.
Kissing him: Why would you want to do that? You can try.
Flirting with Doc: Go ahead? He probably won't even realize it and when he will that'll be full of awkward.
Falling in love with Doc: ... If your character falls in love, that can't be helped.
Injuring him: Yes, if circumstances arise.
Killing him: I'm open to anything, so maybe! But only if plotted first.
Mind controlling him: Considering he's as normal as a human can be, yes if you have an idea.
Using telepathy to communicate with him: …Sure why not? Expect him to be wtf-ed though.
Reading his mind: Sure.

His soul/heart/spirit: As human as a human can be. A good person overall.
His powers: Nothing at all.

Warnings: Do you like scientific blabla and over exaggeration? Because you'll get a lot of these with Doc. Oh and lecture if you time travel left and right without looking at what damage you may cause.


Aug. 15th, 2020 12:00 am
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Note, the dog comes on a hoverboard, with the safety helmet AND with sunglasses.


►  Destiny String ( Allows you to see other visitor's Destiny Strings)
►  Media (Recovers a small amount of HP to all allies)
►  Purify Water (Allows the user to make any water drinkable)
►  Marakukaja (Increases all allies' Defense by 25% - 1 turn)
►  Juggling Lights ( Allows the user to cause 5 glowing balls that light up a room for a while)
►  Mediarama (Recovers a medium amount of HP of all allies)
►  Masatukaja (Increase all allies' Attack, Defence and Agility by 30%, but caster now has Exhaustion and Sick statuses - 2 turns)
►  Time Paradox (Randomly allows the allies or the enemies to attack for two consecutive turns)
★   88 Miles per Hour (Allows allies to safely escape out of dire situations)

▷  Cell Breaker (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage with a 10% chance of Exhaustion on one enemy)
▷  Hama (30% chance of instant KO from the power of Light on one enemy)
▷  Mind Slice (Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage with a 10% of Confusion on all enemies)
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Name: Emmett Brown
Age: 80 +
Gender: Male
Canon: Back to the Future
Canon Point: After the third movie
Link to Application: Here!

Moogle Name: Copernicus
Moogle Gender: Male

Jobs: Scholar (0) / Blacksmith (0)
Limit Break:

Link to HMD: (optional)
Link to Permission List: (optional)
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Name: Wilhelm
Age: 25
Personal Journal: [personal profile] zarathustra
Contact: [ profile] esthar_president
Other In-Game Characters: Princess Hilda

Character (Game Transplant)
Name: Emmet Brown
Age: 80+
Gender: Male
Canon: Back to the Future
Canon Point: After the end of the third movie.
Former Game: [community profile] towerofanimus / [community profile] destinystrings
To be specific: First Tower of Animus, then Destiny Strings. Then he went back to the Tower of Animus during an event in Destiny Strings, except that it was a different Tower of Animus from the one he had first been in, an alternate reality. Then he went back to Destiny Strings before awaking in yet another Tower of Animus, AGAIN.
Canon History: Emmett Brown – Back to the Future Wiki

Game History: Once upon a time, there was a tower in a dead world filled with monsters, broken souls and evil people called the "administrators." The meanest of them all was called Ruana, and after years of solitude she destroyed worlds to bring people to her-- Their souls which she trapped in artificial bodies. The tower was a living hell and amongst the residents, some started forming a resistance, others plotted to take over the multiverse, and some gave in to despair... And meanwhile, Doctor Emmett L. Brown started working on a pancake maker.

The premise of Tower of Animus and the premise of Destiny Strings. Now I will divide this section in sub-sections: those for his time in this tower, those for his time in Destiny Strings.

Tower of Animus
One fateful day, the Doc woke up in the famous "Tower of Animus"! With a note informing him that his universe had been destroyed. It is notable than on his first day in this tower he met with Mary Magdalene (from Xenosaga), the Spirit of a Sword (Fi) and a Persona User (even though he had no clue what Persona were back then). It pretty much aggravated the whole situation, because spirits? Biblical characters who actually are not biblical at all? Great Scott! Doc at first concluded time travel had caused a time paradox that destroyed his homeworld- And as such felt the guilty about the whole situation. Fortunately Marty was with him and together they started hypothesizing as to the truth.

Overall though, Doc probably qualifies as one of the residents who has been the less affected by the tower. Living within a rainbow made of time travel and inventions, Doc mysteriously avoided to be targeted by the most cruel experiments (unless you count having to go through a series of small mazes, having your body swapped and being turned into a Goa'uld of course). He quickly became known as a sympathetic and helpful scientist willing to help people and trying to improve their quality of life-- Though it did not bode so well. Indeed for reasons yet unknown as of now, most of his inventions ended up malfunctioning or not working at all within the tower.

Yet he played his part, forging weapons for those in need and manufacturing ammo for those trying to keep the tower secure. Meanwhile he worked on finding new sources of energy and better ways to consume the food, all while working on plans to adapt the time machine to the space-time continuum of the tower. Indeed, after learning from the administrators that time travel was not the cause of the universe's destruction, he started working on a way to save the lost worlds, based on his hypothesis of what destroyed the worlds. His master plan was to travel back before the worlds' destruction and prevent all of these events from ever happening. Obviously this would create even more paradoxes, but this couldn't be worse than the destruction of countless universes!

This is what Doc did for the first months in the tower, from April to June- Working on inventions. His most extravagant idea probably was to create a video game featuring the tower's characters. However, saying Doc has been entirely exempt of experiments would be a lie, as noted above. He notably went through the succession of mazes Riki created in July and successfully solved the riddles put on his way. When the flying whale crashed against the tower in August, he tried to cooperate with an android to contain the monster (needless to say, he stayed behind).

When many residents got body swapped in September, Doc (he was then in an android body, that of Sertoria) was one of the first to attend the meeting aiming to find how to resolve the situation and he quickly figured the situation out. He was a key actor in finding a solution. However he was not alone and for a rare time, worked with a team.

Last but not least, for Halloween he was forced to bear the disguise of a Goa'uld Lord, Anubis. Later on as a side effect of the disguise, he lost his body and took on the personality of the Goa'uld Lord, trying to have the tower residents worship him as a God. Very bad memory. But at least this concludes the experiments Doc was forced into.

As death is not permanent in Animus, many residents became careless. However Doc rejected this philosophy and became more cautious than ever, especially after his only death- When the nuclear reactor exploded in November. Indeed, he tried to help Sertoria to become more human by installing Mr. Fusion inside of her, a portable nuclear reactor working with anything. The idea was that to refill her batteries, she would have to do nothing more than eat (the food feeding the nuclear reactor). This would have taken her a step closer to being human.

Unfortunately due to the tower's interference it malfunctioned, killing Doc and Marty as it exploded. Following the explosion no less than five floors of the tower were flooded with nuclear radiations. The radiations were cleaned eventually, Doc and Marty were revived, but this accident taught him to be more careful.

Following this though, Doc surprisingly recovered pretty well mentally and worked with more devotion than ever on his plan to save the worlds. Marty did not though and became much more depressed, the tower affecting him in unexpected ways. It saddened Doc a lot and. The last time Doc was seen in Animus was during the Christmas Party. After this he kept working on his projects- It is supposed he disappeared from the tower around the first days of January.

Destiny Strings
And lo, the Doc re-appeared in a world on the other side of the Omniverse. This one was much more friendly than the tower, even though the surroundings left to desire, which quickly allowed him to reach the conclusion that words welcoming people from other worlds were all probably twisted (as if some higher beings took fun from seeing them suffer!). His first reaction was to panic as he realized he pretty much a whole month of his life between his disappearance of the tower and his arrival here, but he quickly realized these kind of things were normal when world-hopping.

What surprised him most was to find upon arrival quite a few people who actually understood his technical terms and with whom he could speak on equal standing! It was very enjoyable to speak with them and whilst it didn't really help him understand better how he had managed to escape the tower, it helped him understand better the current situation. The ability to summon a Persona however, left him perplexed. He had nothing against Persona summoning, but scientifically it is not easilly explained and it sort of terrifies him that he can summon one, yet at the same time fascinates him. He has a lot of mixed feelings.

However the worse was to come: within a few days of his arrival in Hinoto-Ri, he was sent to another world by the local douchebag, hrm, higher being known as Philemon. And where was he sent to? A lovely place known as Tower of Animus. Needless to say, Doc didn't take so well at being sent back to the tower after managing to escape it. He was in a privileged position however and was able to warn those of Hinoto-Ri that were with him from the dangers hidden within the tower. He was able to speak with old acquaintances, and most importantly with Marty.

Thanks to Riki he was able to understand part of the problem: TIME PARADOXES! And as such he could confirm the existence of an infinity of Tower of Animus through the many-world theory. He went back to his daily routine in the tower, helped Hinoto-Ri and Animus residents alike, before being sent back to Hinoto-Ri.

There his mansion had appeared out of nowhere and he was given ownership of it. From then on Doc lived his life much like he had in his homeworld, but his experiments with the purpose to free everyone from the Tower of Animus. Little did he know he was about to go back to it, for good this time. Ruana gets no thanks.

Back to the Tower
Tragedy and despair! Why was he to come back for good to this awful place when he was finally free from it? None know... But the only certainty is that he proved to be more useful than ever when coming back. Aside from dying a couple times (who cares really?) he participated in a variety of plot meant to earn freedom for the tower's citizens. First off, he was left absolutely startled when he realized that nothing surrounding them was real, that even their bodies were fake. During the glamour revelation. Worst, what happened left the tower with one year of energy: unless something was done, all residents would either die or be left to wander their dead worlds for all of eternity!

But knowing this, he joined in Sephiroth's boycott of the collar check-up; something obligatory for all residents of the tower, another form of control of the administrators over the residents. And this was probably the greatest thing residents ever did in the tower. Thanks to this, residents managed to get their hand on the collar fluid, the liquid running through their artificial body and that allowed the administrators to control them and suppress their real powers. With this fluid, Doc formed a scientific team along with Waver and Sephiroth to research the fluid and produce their own fluid that would be free from administrative control.

In the meantime, he also joined a team of hackers and hacked the terminals of the tower and got his hand on some crucial information by communicating with the alternate personality of Ruana. He never stopped the collar research, but his experiments were nearly ruined at some point, such as when the top floors of the tower exploded and people supposed to protect his researches were either trapped or helping those trapped-- And he helped them as well! Unfortunately, sometimes Doc's heart take over his mind, which is pretty bad for a scientist.

But thankfully his researches came to an end and the new fluid was created-- Unfortunately, the poor Doc disappeared from the tower little after this ad never got to see the fruits of his researches by himself. No, instead he spent the six final months alone on his dead homeworld. But thanks to the action of the courageous heroes who were still in the tower, the administrators were defeated, the world restored and the tower destroyed. With his homeworld restored, Doc was able to go back to what remained of the tower-- Z couple floors that were salvaged and that can be used as an interdimensional gate to travel between worlds. he is now working on a more convenient mean to travel between worlds.

Personality: Eccentric, crazy and weird-- Your average mad scientist. That’s what most people think of Doc anyway, and while there is a lot more to the character, that’s not so far from the truth. His appearance in itself is unusual: white and neglected hairs, he often wears strange clothes. Either because they come from the past or future, either because he needs to protect himself from nuclear radiation. He is absent minded at times and many of his inventions end up in failure. But when he invents something that works? Well either it’s small and meaningless such as an automatic dog-feeder, either that’s something that can change the face of the world, like a time machine.

But that short description would be for someone who does not know him at all. In fact, if you take the time to know him, Doc is a very kind and nice man who cares a lot about his friends... Even though he has only three in canon (and one of them is a dog). He made some more in the Tower and Hinoto-Ri, still for the most part acquaintances. Can he really call a friend, a mass murderer trying to destroy the world a friend? Probably not. Even those he worked with such as Zelda or Enoch, they weren't friends, not like Marty. As you can see, he doesn't make new friends easily. It’s not like if he even tried to make friends and most people won’t try to approach him anyway, thinking he is either mad or delusional.

And when he gets to speak with someone? He speaks with technical terms; his gestures are akin to that of a conductor and he’s overall a very expressive man. This may weird out most people. Yet, in the tower some people were actually approaching him and not finding him weird at all-- Maybe it was because they were from other worlds? It is pretty unusual for Doc and he doesn't always know how to deal with these situations. Whereas some found him even weirder than people usually find him to be. In Hinoto-Ri he even got to speak with people who understood his technical bla bla. That was Christmas early on for him! Overall, travelling through different worlds allowed him to broaden his horizons and realize that there are more people capable of bearing him than he thought.

When he’s excited? You’ll see it. When he is surprised or angered, you’ll see it as well. When he’s sad though? He’ll try to hide it, but since he might end up doing stupid things out of sadness, you’ll see it anyway. Like inventing new and weird stuff, walking atop buildings, or going to drink unhealthy quantities of alcohol. Which in his case, means less than a glass of beer. Indeed, Doc is a man who can't bear alcohol and will collapse after a drop at most.

Speaking of his friends, he’ll go to great length to help them, make them happy and quite simply improve their future (literally). He didn't hesitate to alter the future to make sure Marty’s (his assistant and best friend) child wouldn't end up in prison, hence ruining the future of his entire family. Similarly, he traveled through many time periods to find pictures and information about Marty’s lineage, to offer him an entire album about his family’s history as a present. If there’s something he can do for his friends, he’ll do it. As long as him doing so doesn't involve too big risks of course, such as the universe’s destruction. It is especially true after his stay in the tower, as he is now more careful than ever. However his arrival in Hinoto-Ri strengthened his conviction to help those not as lucky as him, namely everyone prisoner from the tower. And he followed his promise once he came back, and proved helpful.

Being a scientist, Doc is a very curious man. He enjoys learning about everything, mostly science, but he also likes books and music. Being who he is, Doc can be quite persistent when he wants to know something, except if it’s related to his future. Persistence is actually a word that pretty much defines him. Obsession even, as when he gets obsessed with something nothing can get him off his obsession. He once got obsessed by time travel and for the next thirty years he never stopped thinking about it. And what happened? He worked on the time machine until his dream came true. His persistence takes many forms though. When he refuses to say or do something, you better have the good arguments to get him to change his mind.

Another one of Doc’s default would be, to a certain extent, hypocrisy. He speaks very often about how disrupting the space-time continuum is dangerous, yet he more than anyone disrupted it, and often ends up doing things he forbids others to do. He absolutely refused to let Marty tell him about his future, yet once he left, the first thing Doc did was to find out what it was Marty meant to tell him. He scolded Marty about the Almanac when in the first place using game results from the future to win is something he mentioned-- Maybe as a joke, but he did mention it.

And like many scientists, Doc appears to think the end justifies the means. To a limited extent of course, nothing that could harm other people. But trading bombs against plutonium with a Libyan terrorist group isn't exactly something someone normal would do. Of course, the bombs he gave them were fakes, but that’s still not something someone should do to get to the end of their experiment. But that’s what Doc does.

He however has a hard time with everything that is not science, namely magic. More than that, he tends to explain everything through science, even love. This is a trait he shows in canon as he dismissed Marty's attempt to tell him he may fall in love with the woman named Clara. This became much more apparent in the tower, regularly debating with those believing in magic and saying he would find a logical explanation to their saying. Magic just doesn't exist. That's just how people call science they don't understand.

However what shakes most his beliefs in pure science is the ability to summon a Persona he acquired in Hinoto-Ri. Travel between worlds and most anything that happened in the Tower of Animus, Doc can explain with science (or at least reach the conclusion that what happened in the tower was most likely the result of technology in his opinion). However the ability to summon a Persona, that looks like his old dog no less, is a bit harder to explain. He still hopes to explain it scientifically, but this somewhat makes him less confident in his belief that everything can be explained scientifically.

Last but not least, and it’s probably obvious by now. Doc is an absolute genius. His brain is probably the one most important thing his homeworld has. He can easily get into technology from the future; understand concepts no one else can and invent things nobody thought could exist. It has been confirmed in the tower, as he easilly understood concepts from other worlds and learnt as much as he could about different kind of technology. He managed to study the collar fluid and pierce his secrets; not alone of course, but he was one of the leading brains. And one of his purposes with the time machine is to improve his understanding of humanity, of history, and maybe even discover why life exists.

Third-Person Sample:
The shock of smashing against the wall had left Doc disoriented to say the least. But as soon as he got back up on his feet, he paid whatsoever no attention to his surroundings, instead bringing a hand to his head and looking down at his dog, Einstein.

"Great Scott, was it an earthquake?!" He spoke hastily and shook his head, yes maybe that was just it. He started walking in circles, looking at Einstein as he kept speaking to himself, "That certainly was violent! And yet... What is that feeling? I am reminded of when I first woke up in the Tower of Animus and Hinoto-Ri! Maybe it is déja-vu. How did I even get here? I had just returned to my revived world and... I think to remember a voice speaking to me, but I couldn't say the context... Maybe I should--"

At this very moment, a Moogle came right in front of him and addressed him.

"Hey, Kupo!"

Doc blinked a couple times upon looking at the Moogle and then "A-AHHHHH!!!" He stumbled back and hit the wall behind him, looking at the Moogles with wide eyes.

"K-Kupo...? I just wanted to welcome you to the world of Crystallis, Kupo..."

What...? The world of Crystallis? Could it be possible? After the Tower of Animus, after Hinoto-Ri, after Animus again, after his dead homeworld and after finally going back to his revived homeworld... Was it possible that he had awakened in yet another world?

"No it cant be! The Tower is gone, that is not another world! This can't be happening! It doesn't make any sense for me to be in another world! Yes, surely this is just a residual image of the tower." He turned to the closest door "I refuse to believe I am even here!"

With that said, a Hypello walked out of the door Doc had turned to, and greeted him.

"Good mornhing, shir." The Hypello nodded to the Doc before leaving.

".... Great Scott." A choked noise, wide eyes and Doc collapsed on his back.

"K-Kupo?" Well, that left a distress Moogle and dog there. And a collapsed Doc. The shock had been too great indeed.

Mognet Sample: To: All Heroes of Light

Hello, I am Dr. Emmett L. Brown, and I have a most important question for all of you! Yes, namely how many amongst you come from another world? And I don't mean another world as in your homeworld, but another world that exists at an intersection of the dimensions and somehow possesses the power to reach across the space-time continuum to displace living being and move them from a point of existence to another!

You see, I believe we are faced with a most dramatic situation! Should this keep going, I am afraid this constant displacement from a plane of existence to another is going to affect the space-time continuum in the worst possible ways, resulting in a catastrophic collapse of our universes that would then to a disastrous chain reaction that could result in the very destruction of existence itself!

Of course, these are only worse case scenarios, it is indeed very possible for the destruction of the space-time continuums to be confined only to our sole universes.

Please reply as soon as you can!

Dr. Emmett L. Brown

Moogle Name: Copernicus
Moogle Gender: Male.
First Job: Scholar.
Second Job: Blacksmith.
Limit Break: Time Paradox: A picture appears out of thin air of the enemy and Doc, and the enemy slowly fades from the picture. Doc panics and explains on a black board (magically appearing next to him) that somehow the timeline skewed into a tangent where events were rewritten and gave birth to a time paradox that erased the enemy from existence! If successful, the attack does erase the enemy from existence if applicable; for tough and boss opponents, it just inflicts some damages.
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Characters: Doc, his dog (Einstein) and you.
Setting: Room 3-04 / Dormitories Floors, the Elevator, the Cafeteria and Library (Floor 03).
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer
Summary: Doctor Emmett L. Brown wakes up in the Tower of Animus. Indeed, after a few months miraculously spent in a notably less horrific world (namely Hinoto-Ri from Destiny Strings), Doc is back to the tower much to his chagrin. And he realizes how terrible his life has become.
Warnings: Lots of scientific bla bla, Nazgul.

Dormitory Floors )The Elevator )Cafeteria )Library )
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Project Managers
[AU1] Emmett Brown ("Doc")
[AU6] Lord El-Melloi II ("Waver")

Liaison with R-037
[OU] Princess Zelda

Violet Fluid Team
[OU] Sephiroth (Intermediate Scientist - Team leader)
[AU2] Sephiroth (Intermediate Scientist)
[AU2] John Egbert (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks and communication)
[OU] Queen Zeal (Assistant assigned to paperwork and small scientific tasks)
[AU3] Riku (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Ganondorf Dragmire (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Kyosuke Kiryu (Bodyguard)

Indigo Fluid Team
[OU] Hagire Rinichiro (Professional Scientist - Team Leader)
[AU7] Sola-ui (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks)
[AU1] Jade Strider (Assistant assigned to small scientific tasks and paperwork)
[AU1] Enoch (Assistant assigned to paperwork and communication)
[OU] Riku (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Merciless (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Sora (Bodyguard)

Blue Fluid Team
[OU] Sertoria Cani (Professional Scientist - Team Leader)
[OU] Shion (Intermediate Scientist)
[OU] Yu Narukami (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks and paperwork)
[OU] Naoya Toudou (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks and paperwork)
[AU3] Riku Replica (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Robin (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Xion (Bodyguard)

Green Fluid Team
[AU1] Emmett Brown (Professional Scientist - Team Leader)
[OU] Hidetoshi Odagiri (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks)
[OU] Sheba (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks and paperwork)
[OU] Zelda (Assistant assigned to paperwork and communication)
[OU] Colette Brunel (Bodyguard and Mover)
[AU5] Saber (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Amelia (Bodyguard)

Yellow Fluid Team
[OU] Naoya (Professional Scientist - Team Leader)
[OU] Veronica Madaraki (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks)
[AU1] Asako Minegishi (Assisstant assigned to scientific tasks and paperwork)
[OU] Lucifel (Assistant assigned to paperwork)
[OU] Raven (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Wriggle Nightbug (Bodyguard)
[OU] Taiki (Mover)

Orange Fluid Team
[AU1] Richtofen (Professional Scientist - Team Leader)
[OU] Suzaku Kururugi (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks and paperwork)
[OU] Jellal Fernandes (Assistant assigned to paperwork and communication)
[OU] chaos (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Solas Greine (Bodyguard and Mover)
[AU1] Mayu (Bodyguard)
[AU1] Jin Shirato (Bodyguard assigned to Richtofen's personal security)
[AU1] Rei Ayanami (Mover)

Clear Fluid Team
[AU6] Lord El-Melloi II (Professional Scientist - Team Leader)
[OU] Miles Edgeworth (Assistant assigned to scientific tasks and paperwork)
[OU] Patrick Dawn (Assistant assigned to paperwork and ordering the workplace)
[OU] Fado (Assistant assigned to paperwork)
[OU] Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Bodyguard and Mover)
[OU] Nue Houjuu (Bodyguard and Mover)
[AU3] Lancer (Bodyguard)
[OU] Kain Highwind (Bodyguard)
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Heya Animus! Last month we've had the collar boycott resulting with residents getting collar fluids. Upon trying to examine it, Doc Brown & Waver requested science equipment and as a result the Massive Infiltration happened to find what they needed. Well now we know at least one of the team found a way to retrieve the requested materials: it worked!

By August 23rd, Doc Brown, Waver and also Sephiroth [OU] will all have gotten a set of science instruments thanks to the infiltration. And now the biggest part is ahead: to pierce out the secrets of the collar fluid and subsequently find a way to unchain the characters's true powers. But Doc, Waver and Sephiroth won't be enough to get this accomplished. Not only more scientists will be required, but also fighters to defend them from monsters while they work and movers to keep the instruments and results hidden from the administrators.

To achieve this, it's going to require a lot of characters working together over a long period of time. It doesn't matter if your character is apart of Pandora, the Evil Alliance, another group or on their own-- This project is entirely independent of any affiliation.

More Informations & Sign-Ups )